The Right Type of Natural Stone

What You Should Know About Soapstone

Soapstone is a beautiful experience in itself, making your home look beautiful and cozy, whether used for bathroom flooring or as countertop surfaces.

Even though there are stones like granite, marble, limestone, and travertine, you’ve ample reasons to choose soapstone over other natural stones.

Non-Porous Shield

Soapstone is non-porous, and easily resist accumulation and growth of microbes on their surfaces.

Soapstone is a healthier candidate as a countertop which needs less maintenance.

Beautiful Patterns

Due to their distinct origin, soapstones feature rich vein patterns and color variants of gray, black or dark green.

Even though you can polish them and get some shine, over time they naturally fade. 

Protection Against Stains

Many sellers claim that soapstones are non-porous and resist stains.

It’s true to an extent when it comes to acidic orange and citrus juices, oil, or water. However, as they naturally look tanned in due course, protecting their looks becomes necessary.

Coating the soapstones with mineral oil gives a darker tone, but ensures uniform looks for longer periods.

Temperature Retention

Soapstone retains and releases temperature gradually, thus making excellent materials for purposes such as lining stone hearths or even insulating floors.

This also protects them against heat-induced damage, giving them an advantage over other natural stones for use as kitchen countertops.

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