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What type of stone to use for your Outdoor Fire Pit

An Outdoor Fire Pit is a destination! Create a place for your family and friends to gather and make memories.

Choosing the right stone for your outdoor fire pit is important, not only for the aesthetic, but also so that your hard earned money is spent on something that will last.

A natural stone fire pit is more permanent than a portable fire pit you buy at the hardware store. While these portable fire pits can be convenient at times, they don’t last, and they eventually become an eye sore. Building a natural stone fire pit creates an enjoyable environment, and is a great compliment to any home.

Natural stone is long lasting and resistant to heat, making it an excellent choice for an outdoor fire pit. It is also highly resistant to harsh weather, making it a long lasting, quality investment.

Building a natural stone fire pit is a great DIY project, or for more elaborate fire pits, our team can design and install your dream fire pit!

Commonly Used Stone for an Outdoor Fire Pit:

– Bluestone

– Flagstone

– Sandstone

Stones and Pavers are both commonly used.

Custom features are also available for outdoor fire pits, like designs or lighting to enhance the aesthetic.

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