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What Stone Should I Use For My Home

Choosing the right stone for your home is important. There are several factors and a large variety to choose from. Talk to our knowledgeable team today, and we can help you with the design, fabrication and the installation!

Most Popular Natural Stones for Homes:

– Granite

– Slate

– Sandstone

– Limestone

– Quartzite

– Travertine


Granite makes an excellent exterior stone choice for your home. It is extremely durable, and with little maintenance it will last for years and years to come. In terms of pricing, granite is typically a more expensive option, but the quality speaks for itself.


Slate makes an excellent option for the interior of your home, it is commonly used for flooring but has other uses as well. It is also a very durable stone, with little maintenance. Another great feature of slate is that it is water resistant.


Sanstone is excellent for design, it is easy to shape or carve into. It is a great unique option for either the interior or exterior of your home. The downside of sandstone, is that it can stain and scratch easily, unlike other more durable options. This type of stone must be maintained well to preserve its unique look.


Limestone is not a very durable stone, however it can be used both inside and outside the home. It is cost effecient to install because it is easy to work with. You would want to discuss with our team to make sure this stone is a good fit for your home prior to purchasing.


Quartzite is a very hard durable stone, similar to granite. It has a unique aesthetic, putting of a sparkly look when hit by sunlight. It is also UV resistant, so it is an excellent choice for the exterior of your home.


Travertine is a type of Limestone, so it is not the most water resistant or durable stone. However, this stone has a beautiful light colored look to it that is unique. Its primary use would be for walls, floors or bathroom counters.

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