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Pros & Cons of Porcelain or Sandstone Pavers

If you are looking to ad pavers to your outdoor garden, or other outdoor areas, here are some pros and cons of the two most common choices.

Top pavers to choose for your garden:

– Porcelain

– Sandstone

Porcelain Pavers

Low Maintenance: Each porcelain paving stone is naturally stain-resistant. Nobody wants to add extra work to their outdoor areas. Porcelain pavers are stain resistant and require very little maintenance. The color and vibrance of porcelain pavers lasts for years.

Durability: Porcelain makes an extremely tough paver. It is perfect for high foot traffic areas like an outdoor garden or walkway.

Moisture resistance: Slip resistance is one of the best features of Porcelain pavers, it is perfect for outdoor areas that may be exposed to moisture.

Sandstone Pavers

Low Maintenance: Sandstone is very easy to maintain. It’s as easy as pressure washing! This is convenient for most home owners, knowing they can pressure wash this type of paver without damaging the color of finish.

Durability: Like Porcelain, Sandstone is very durable, however not as durable as Porcelain. If properly cared for, Sandstone still lasts a very long time.

Unique: Sandstone is entirely organic, making it very unique in its look. There are tons of design possibilities due to the variety of color and pattern.


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