The Most Common

Stones Used For An Outdoor Fireplace

The most important surfaces on an outdoor fireplace are the horizontal and vertical surfaces. You may choose to use a single type of stone for a clean consistent look, or you can use more than one type of stone to create different patterns or texture for visual interest.

Most of the time, you will want to match the stone used on the exterior of the home, or other stone features in your yard. So when choosing the facing for the fireplace it is important to consider the environment you are building it.

An important part of any stone fireplace is the interior, it should be made from fireproof concrete. This makes the fireplace functional and last for the long haul. The use of natural stone for the fireplace is what gives it the aesthetically pleasing appearance.

If you are thinking of building a natural stone fireplace, there are many options, however here is a list of stone to consider and get you on the right path.

Recommended Stone Types For An Outdoor Fireplace:

– Granite

– Limestone

– Slate

– Quartzite

A common factor with these types of stone, is that they can be cut to exact dimensions, allowing for a clean aesthetic and alot of design options. The other most important characteristics of these stones, is that they are resistant to heat and extreme weather, making them excellent stone choices for your outdoor fireplace.

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