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Pros & Cons of Different Stone Countertops

Most countertops are made from some sort of plastic laminate, which is understandable since it’s cheap to install, pretty durable and has many colors and design options to choose from.

However, it doesn’t handle heat well in the kitchen, can be difficult to repair and needs total replacement when something goes wrong. We believe that natural stone is a much better alternative. So what are some options, as well as their pros and cons?


In terms of natural stone, granite is the most durable. While it can be expensive, it’s known to last the test of time.

While it is scratch, heat and water resistant, it does need to be sealed for protection. There are also a ton of color and design options to choose from.

Its biggest issue is the cost, which is comparable to marble.


Marble is one of the most expensive stones you can purchase for countertops, but it is arguably the most beautiful.

There are a number of design options and it’s resistant to heat and chipping as well. The biggest issue is also the price, as well as needing regular maintenance and sealing for protection.

However, this can be done yourself and is not very intensive. 

Engineered Stone

Unlike natural stone, engineered stone does not need sealing.

While it’s also scratch and stain resistant, it is not heat resistant.

It’s made mostly of quartz, so it looks like real stone, but the color is also capable of customization. 

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