What Looks Are In?

Kitchen Countertop and Cabinet Combinations for Veined Stone

Veining brings a classy subtlety that can range from almost unseen to bold and eye-catching, depending on the homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

This appealing look is available with various stone types, such as granite, marble, quartz and other natural stone options. Using this in kitchen countertops adds depth without being overbearing. 

Gray Marble Veined Countertops with Black Cabinets

Certain types of marble have an overall gray aesthetic when viewed from a distance. When looking closer, it’s more of a silver lining with white base.

For a perhaps unexpected yet sleek look, black or even midnight navy cabinetry paired with this white background and gray veined countertop comes together in one clean, yet complementary contrast. 

Black Veined Quartz or Granite Countertops with White Cabinets

Conversely, it’s a common design trend flipping the above to have lighter cabinetry paired with the darker countertops available with quartz or granite, which also feature subtle pattern variations in their veining.

If you love the look of white cabinets, it can be overly bright when paired with white countertops as well, so the color break of darker, natural stone works well.

Pairing Wood Cabinets with White Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite pairs well with virtually any design element, including wood variations. Darker wood colored cabinetry with a lighter quartzite contrast has an inviting appeal without being stark or stuffy.

The white quartzite with varying veining options keeps the room from being too warm, which pairs well when you still want to show off your natural wood cabinetry.

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