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Is Granite A Good Building Material

Stone is a natural material that has been around forever, we have figured out ways over the years how to mine it and furthermore shape it into the uses we see today.

Particularly Granite is an extremely common stone used for building. Granite is used for monuments, for large buildings, and even commonly used for homes both for interior and exterior.


Common Uses For Granite:

– Exterior Cladding

– Landscaping & Pavers

– Interior Walls

– Flooring

– Countertops

Granite makes an excellent exterior stone choice for your home. It is extremely hard and durable. In its pure form, granite is grey with a slight pinkish tint, however because of the wide commercial use of granite it can be found in a variety of colors to better suite homes.

In terms of pricing, granite is typically a more expensive option, but the quality speaks for itself. You are buying a timeless material that genuinely creates a beautiful, natural aesthetic.

One of the best qualities of granite, is the low maintenance. With other softer stones, you have to worry about things like scratches, staining, and even bacteria build up. Granite takes very little effort to maintain and prevent things like mildew and staning. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons it is so widely used.


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