High Quality Stone Will

Increase The Value of Your Home

The value of housing in the greater Atlanta area has been soaring ever upward over the past number of years, with a 12.2% increase in sales price compared to last year, and current projections indicate that home values will continue to rise over the foreseeable future.

Take advantage of current trends and further increase the value of your home by adding the ideal high quality stone for your living space.

Elevating your home with granite, marble, or one of our other fine stones is an excellent way to increase your home value, whether you are considering selling or simply want to upgrade your living space.

Choosing the right stone for you:

Every home is unique, and choosing the right kind of stone for you is important. Aside from visual design, our stones can add functionality to surfaces in your home.

Here is a brief overview of different stone styles and their various characteristics:

Marble: Versatile in color options, from traditional white to jet black and is sure to add prestige and splendor to your bathroom fixtures, tile, and other surfaces. However, it needs to be protected from harsh cooking and cleaning chemicals, since it’s a naturally softer stone. 

Granite: Excellent for heavy-use countertops, flooring and outside areas. Known for its durability and strength.

Soapstone: Great choice for cooking surfaces and bathroom floors since it doesn’t get slippery when wet and is resistant to high temperatures. 

Limestone: Colorful limestone is a hard marine rock that does well in most indoor uses. It is similar in appearance to marble, but generally more affordable, giving limestone a great return on investment for potential sellers.

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