What You Need To Know

Choosing Between Quartzite & Marble

Quartzite: While pure quartzite is usually white to gray in color, it can often be available in various shades of pink or red due to the fluctuating amounts of iron oxide. Additionally, other minerals can cause different shades of yellow, blue, green and orange. Quartzite should not etch, as opposed to marble despite having its glass-like, soft appearance. While more durable than marble, quartzite can be more expensive to quarry so you can expect a higher price for the consumer. Quartzite makes a very strong and durable kitchen countertop being less prone to daily wear and chipping or staining, as well as being resistant to UV rays. 

Marble: While marble can come in a variety of colors and patterns, it’s typically known for shades of white or gray with subtle veins rather than speckles. Softer and more porous than quartzite, it will naturally wear over time and is susceptible to stains. Marble countertops are recommended to be treated with sealers to slow this process. Marble customers understand the ever evolving look of marble, giving it a timeless aesthetic. 

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