Natural Stone For Your Bathroom

2023 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Remodeling, as opposed to new construction, is projected to sustain the kitchen and bath industry in 2023.

Nearly 90% of outstanding mortgages are locked in below 5% and homeowners are opting to remodel rather than move, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. 

A very popular bathroom remodeling trend is turning the bathroom into a spa atmosphere that owners can enjoy as they age, such as removing walls to expand the master bathroom footprint and increasing shower size.

For many homeowners, natural stone is a viable option for modern bathrooms.

Some of the advantages include having many design options via multiple colors and textures, a high resale value by being desired by many home buyers and most limitations can be cheaply mitigated with sealers. 

Natural stone is a great choice for a relaxing retreat, especially when accompanied by radiant heating.

Honed stone is a good choice for non-slip tile. The fact that natural stone is both expensive and unique means that using marble or other natural stone in your home almost automatically improves its resale value.

Real estate agents will virtually always point out the presence of natural stone when selling a home, and prospective buyers always view it as a strong positive.

Lastly, the effectiveness of sealing products now make even wet areas like baths and showers a viable material since they only require occasional maintenance. 

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