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4 Natural Stone Patio Designs

Just like your home, your patio and yard can benefit from some design modification.

Once the weather starts to warm up after winter, early spring and summer are great times to consider adding some natural stone elements to your yard. Here are some ideas to think about when considering renovating your patio space.

Serene Patio Spa

A stone backyard patio where you can enjoy hanging out by the grill, enjoying an evening meal, or even transitioning to the hot tub all across natural stone is an elegant look for any home.

With a natural stone veneer, it can really make your backyard space look warm and welcoming and showcase a lived-in charm.

All-Purpose Backyard Patio and Sitting Wall

Similarly, natural stone can make for an all-purpose backyard retreat.

With this option, you can include a full size outdoor dining table and transition to a built-in firepit. 

Backyard Deck & Patio

In lieu of a wooden deck, why not consider a natural stone deck that includes stairs down into a full-size natural stone patio, which creates a much larger and elegant entertainment space for friends and family.

Simple Sitting Patio

Instead of larger-scale backyard patio projects, a seating patio is a great way to add some curb appeal to your home.

Pairing this with a small table and chairs, it’s a great way to unwind after a long day while still looking out on your neighborhood.

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