What type of stone to use for your Walkway or Patio

Natural stone is an excellent choice for your walkway or patio. There are beautiful options to choose from, but all of these options will also be durable for the function of these outdoor features.

3 Types of Natural Stone for Walkways & Patios:

– Bluestone

– Limestone

– Fieldstone

Selecting the right stone is very important, you must first decide where the stone will be used. A good example of this would be a stone patio surrounding something like an outdoor pool, you don’t want to use something that holds a lot of heat or a stone that cannot absorb water well. Choosing the wrong type of stone could ruin the function of your outdoor feature, and also cause you a lot of headaches.

Our team is extremely knowledgeable about each and every stone we carry. Please contact us anytime to discuss the features you would like to add to your home and we can help you choose the right stone for your environment.

Whether you are building an area like a patio for a pool, or creating a path to your outdoor garden, a properly designed natural stone walkway is an excellent feature to improve the aesthetic of any home.

There are other factors to consider when choosing the right stone. For instance, will there be vehicles driving on them, or are they just being used for foot traffic? Is there maintenance involved with these stones, and how much maintenance are you willing to do to upkeep this feature of your home?

These are all questions we can help you answer!

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